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Why Interventions Fail: Avoiding Pitfalls

Popular TV shows like Intervention and Dr. Phil would have us believe that people always change for the better when confronted. This simply isn’t true.

15 Ways to Cope with Opioid Withdrawal Pains and Aches

by John Lee, Jan 2018

Tapering from opioids or quitting cold-turkey? Here are some home-remedy tips to ease your discomfort.

8 Basic Human Rights of Drug Treatment

by John Lee, Jan 2018

No matter what you’ve done or who you are, you are entitled to drug addiction treatment that is respectful of your dignity and rights as a human being.

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Choosing an Intervention Professional

by Evan Jarschauer, Jan 2018

Today, with the voracious nature of the opioid epidemic spreading like wildfire all across the country, well-trained Intervention professionals are needed now more than ever before.

Alcohol Addiction – the Straight Facts

by John Lee, Nov 2017

The difference between alcohol abuse and alcohol addiction (alcoholism), what puts you at risk of becoming an alcoholic and what to do once you’ve crossed that invisible line to addiction.

Image © Josep Salvia I Bote

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